Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday No.5

Lawson and Lotti

Wow 5 weeks into this already, time is flying by way too quickly! So my tutorial for this week is my Katherine Wheel Block here. I think its a really versatile block that hopefully can be used in loads of different ways. I made my first one for a zipper pouch and the second one is going to be a mug rug but I thought it would be fun to mock up what it could like like as a quilt

So thats my tutorial for the week, how about you, have you used a tutorial or written one of your own, if so link up


kelly said...

ooh, that's so cool! again, i wish i had a tutorial to link up... as it is i haven't sewn in nearly two weeks.

memmens said...

Wow that is amazing, think I'd need some peace and quiet to tackle it! thanks for sharing