Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Blog Stuff

Im having a pretty sad day today (if you read my last post you will understand) I have had some lovely kind comments though, Thank you to all of you.

Im trying to take my mind off things by putting some thoughts and plans into action. So tell me if you would be up for the following:

1) Im going to start up a monthly To Do post on the first of each month for the month ahead. I did it this month and its helping me prioritise and stay on task. Im going to make each month a linky party so you can join in to. What do you think? Do you want to link up and become a tad more organised (hopefully)?

2) I dont know about you but im a nosey blighter and im sure thats one of the reason I love blogs so much, that bit of insight into what people are doing! Im hoping to start a regular feature where we get a bit of a sneek peek into how and where people create - Are you nosey like I am?

Do you have blogging plans that you want to put into action?


Contented Caroline said...

I am definitely a nosey person and love the idea of sharing where we crafters craft. I would love the opportunity to join you in your mission to be organised. I read your last post and share your sympathy - a colleague at work recently lost his wife to cancer too and I can understand your pain and loss. Cxx

Sarah said...

So sorry for your loss.
You have had some great ideas though, I'd be interested in both!
Big hugs.

Ella said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
I'm nosy...and envious of folks who aren't using the floor of a guest room and chunk of the fining room table to craft.
I would totally link up to a monthly plan. Sticking to it, maybe not so good at.

kelly said...

i'm nosy too... which i'm finding is a good thing- i've found so much inspiration, and made some lovely new friends with the same interests because of it.

to do... all i can think of is: pbwy block, queen sized wedding quilt, and two baby quilts! not too bad.

Katy Cameron said...

Sorry for your loss.

With Lynne at Lily's Quilts doing the Fresh Sewing Day each month that loads of people link to already, and Lee's WIP Wednesday's, you may not get the numbers you hope for your linky list, but for the nosiness, yep, all over that ;o)