Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday No. 4

Lawson and Lotti

Its here again. This week I posted a tutorial to make your own quilted zipper pouch, I love these things, they are so useful and there are so many possibilities in terms of designs.

So how about you! If you have written a tutorial or used someone elses and posted about it in the last week then get linking up and check out the other tuts people have posted or used. For a reminder of the rules look here.


Elisa Black said...

Great timing for this tute since I am in the Mouthy Stitches Swap and need to practice! I love all your zippered pouches-- esp. the bunny one. Thanks for sharing. I haven't written any tutes so I can't link.

Kathy said...

Great tute - and great fabrics. Have just finished the Union Jack Tutorial and it rocks! Come and see the pics :)

elizabeth said...

Thank you for the link up party. I linked my blog back too yours : ) I just discovered your blog recently and I am enjoying being a follower, and I will try to have a tutorial or process post each week!