Saturday, January 19, 2013

A little something for my wall

I've had a mini quilt in mind for ages. Ever since I received some gorgeous Sevenberry prints as an extra in a swap, I've known I wanted to do something special for myself.
I love all the butterfly quilts that have been popping up recently and when I was flicking through my Farmers Wife book I came across the Batwing block which is similar.
I pulled some favourite fabrics and decided on a layout in my head and promptly left them sitting there for a couple of months!
Well I've been really enjoying sewing recently and yesterday decided I would finally whip up that mini

This was my fabric pull, my fav colour combination is currently mint, pink and yellow luckily as they are the colour of the Sevenberry prints so I pulled out some other favs in these colours. I based the blocks on the batwing but its not the same as I didn't include the centre square and I completely winged it with the measurements.

I love the finished top although it is not perfect, my measurements weren't quite right but I don't care I love it anyway. This was sewing for fun and for me, not for perfection!
I had originally thought I'd use the yellow seed catalogue for background but when I auditioned them I preferred the black. Hairy thinks I made a mistake and should have used the yellow after all

Just need to baste, quilt and bind it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another baby quilt

A friend of mine that is also English and living here in Oz recently had her 3rd baby. After seeing a fab quilt on the wall at Patch Fabric in Lowestoft during my trip home I thought I'd copy and do a giant star in some London fabrics on a red background. I think that Claire's larger version was based on Jenni Bs pattern.

This quilt was so quick and easy, definitely recommend this for a quick whip up. I used a flannelette for the backing and I machine bound the binding, I'm not great at it but am slowly improving!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hi folks, just checking in to say hi and that I'm still here but taking it very easy. I'm struggling with pelvic girdle pain that on some days is pretty crippling. I'm sewing bits and pieces but slowly!

Summers also here and it's hot! It got up to 45 degrees a few days ago and being 7 months pregnant I'm really feeling it. So I'm around but not checking in very often but I will post when I can.
Fill me in on anything I've missed recently as I've not even got a chance to catch up on all the blog reading I love to do :-(