Saturday, January 14, 2012

To Do First

Im possibly mad but after writing my To Do post at the start of Jan I have decided that having a monthly To Do post at the start of each month would hopefully help me achieve more during the month or at least prioritise! And im going to turn it into a linky party! I know there are other things going on the first so we will start a linky party and see if anyone joins up, if not then at least my To Do lists will help me (hopefully)

I know I know this means I'm holding 2 linky parties as I already hold Tutorial Tuesday, but I'm a little addicted to them, I join up with loads of others and I found so many great blogs that I love through linky parties so I thought what harm is there in holding two! (im mad im sure!)

So here is how this one works:
Write a post about what you need to do/make in the month ahead (must be fabric related)
Mention the link up in your post or the button in
Join the linky party
Read and comment on some of the other links

If you are up for attempting to be more organised in 2012 then come back on the 1st Feb for To Do First - Feb

And I've made a button you can grab if you are going to join up

Lawson and Lotti

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Kathy said...

Great idea -I'm all for tricks to help me stay accountable! Count me in!