Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Fashion Designer Competition Entry

Well I have noticed a few of the contestants for the Sew Hip Fashion Designer Competition have been posting pictures of their entries and it looks like there is some pretty stiff competition. I dont know how well mine will do, hopefully it will get into the next round.
Here it is in all its glory

I learnt remembered a few things along the way:
  1. Dressmaking is hard
  2. I am fussy
  3. Producing the vision and quality that you have in mind takes a lot of time and effort
  4. I cant always just 'whip one up'
  5. Only make clothes for myself and my children (where it does not need to be perfect inside!
I made this dress by creating a boned corset that is the hidden structure inside the top of the dress. The corset was then pinned onto a mannequin and the fabric was draped, pinned cut and hand sewn as I went. Despite a lot of swearing whilst I was making it, I am happy with the end result.

Do you have projects where you think you can do that pretty easily and then it never is, and then you forget that until you do another one and it all comes flooding back?


Elisa Black said...

I love your creation for this competition!! It is truly unique and has a certain flair/style to it. Good luck!! I admire you for attempting such a complex project! I have not ventured into doing clothes but it is a lot more complicated then quliting. I can identify right not with struggling with a challenging project as I am taking my first paper piecing class with lots of spikes and round edges-- but I'm finally "getting" it-- yay!! Have a great day!!

pippablue said...

Wow! I LOVE it! I am amazed at your talent. I would totally wear that dress if I didn''t have sausage legs lol! I hope you win, is there any way we can vote for you?

kelly said...

so gorgeous! i'd wear it.

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

this is fantastic! i love the fabric and the way it all seems to flow together. i find that making "finished" garments always ends up so much more complicated than it seemed in my head. and, yes, i tend to forget this until the next time i'm in the midst of a similar project ;)

Katy Cameron said...

Well done on getting it all put together in the end. My problem with new projects is time estimation - I have no problem in the day job knowing how long it'll take me to write up documentation, scripts, attend meetings etc, but I always seem to hallucinate that, for instance, cutting will be a 5 minute job, and forget to factor in pressing and all sorts of other things!

Unknown said...

That dress is stunning. I want one!