Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays Sewing Space: Im a Ginger Monkey

Feeling nosey? Ready for a snoop? This week Katy from Im a Ginger Monkey has kindly agreed to show us around her studio. Katy is currently running the Swoon a long and im loving seeing these blocks pop up everywhere, its such a gorgeous block. Head over here to see some things to make you swoon.

Lets check Katy's space out

Where is your Sewing Space? 

I rent a small studio in a media centre about 15 minutes drive from where I live, it's in the basement of an old mill, it's only tiny, and there's no natural light. It's a bit like a cave, I guess, but it's mine and I can lock the door and know I'm not going to get disturbed when I'm there. 

What 3 words do you feel best describes it? 

quiet, calming, mine. It's nothing fancy, but the fact it's quiet and mine is the most important thing. I love to go there, even if it's just for a half hour a day. It helps me relax and chill out.
essential refreshment
What are your most important things in there? 

a radio, my design wall and no internet. I don't have any wifi in my studio so I can't get distracted at all. It helps no end.  
                                the homely table

How is the room laid out?

I have a big desk where I do all my cutting, and sewing. My ironing board is tucked away until I need it. The room itself is T shaped, so I have my desk area in one end of the T and my fabric shelves at the other end. My design wall is along the wall in the middle. 
                peeps on the design wall

Do you have anything in the room for inspiration? 

The room itself is enough of an inspiration, just for the peace and quiet and the fact it's mine! I am slowly making it look more pretty and filling the walls with mini quilts and hoop art. 
               pretties on the wall
                          hoops wall in progress

Where do you keep your fabric stash and how do you organise it?

 My fabric is stacked on an ikea shelving unit, although I really need to be more organised as a far amount has crept home and is starting to clutter up the house again (much to husband's annoyance). I organise by collection rather than colour - I find it's easier to find what I'm looking for that way. I tend to remember fabrics better by which collection they were in and when I need something specific I can find it much faster that way.  
                                  mini bolts nestle with FQ stacks
                fabric shelves

Do you have any top tips to do with work spaces? 

Keep it tidy. It's more inspiring when it's not a complete pig sty of a mess. You can go right at it without having to tidy stuff away before you start. I'm not a naturally tidy person so it's tough to keep that rule, but it is something I stick to - in my studio at least (at home, not so much). Make it homely, make it a place you want to go to. And buy the biggest desk you can fit in there.  
                         boxes for bits
                         my desk
What is your ideal workspace like? 
Oh, if I could have my dream workspace it would be in a huge loft with masses of open space and natural light. There'd be bare brick everywhere, a huge design wall, a massive tailor's cutting table and haberdashery cabinets. I'd live there too, but the studio would be separated from the main living space by huge sliding doors. We'd have a lift down to the street. And the kids could ride their bikes around the whole loft. Maybe there'd be a skate ramp in one corner, and a recording studio for my husband too. Obviously it'd be in New York, or maybe East London somewhere. To say I've planned my dream space out in amazingly fine detail is an understatement. I actually dream about it. I can picture it exactly in my head...I probably should stop day dreaming about it, because there's no way it's happening unless I win the euromillions....
Wow Katy, what an amazing dream space, who else would imagine having a skate ramp for the kids in your studio!

Thank you Katy for letting us have a rummage around. Im loving those shelves stuffed with fabric, the cool tins and boxes for organising bits and pieces and the coke rug. Cant wait to see what ends up filling those hoops.

Dont forget to head back later in the week for the linky parties Tutorial Tuesday and on the 1st Feb for To Do First, hopefully we can get organised together


Katy Cameron said...

What a cool idea renting space somewhere for peace and quiet! Although I have lots of that here if I just unplug the phone ;o) Love the idea of the dream space too.

Sarah PingsAndNeedles said...

lovely to see your quiet space ... Yes, I can imagine any time there must be just fab!

I have a dreamspace too ... white and light and horses and beach ... mmmhhh

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

No natural light - Katy, you will get rickets - but it's a small price to pay x

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love your studio, it looks so calm and inspiring!