Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Already!

My gorgeous monster turned 3 on Friday, Im still unsure where the time has gone! He is such a happy, funny, clever boy. Everyday he entertains us,makes me want to tear my hair out, and cracks us up with laughter!

Anyway onto the crafty stuff! Today we threw him a very homemade party. The secret theme was Superheros and id asked all of the parents to dress their children in plain clothes. I meanwhile had whipped up slaved over 20 superhero costumes and 3 villain costumes. And boy did we have some fun

 I made the costumes, 20 superhero capes, masks and personalised badges, plus an extra special set for the birthday boy including lightening wristlets and a superhero t-shirt. I also made 3 sets of villain outfits for the terrors that jumped out at the children and squirted them with silly string!
My husband was put in charge of building the sets for the stage, he made the sky scrapers and it was a joint effort on the cartoon signs. I used fabric for the backgrounds.
 One of my sisters was in charge of the biscuits
The other sister was in charge of making a superhero cake, they did a pretty good job dont you think!
The table was set for 21 superheros
My little superboy had an absolute blast, he had such fun and was exhausted at the end of the day and had an early night. As did I, who knew childrens parties could be so knackering! My husband said to me this morning "Im so glad the party went well, not really for Lawsons sake but for yours!" Im glad he noticed the effort put in.


Katy Cameron said...

Aww, glad it went so well, fab job by all the contributors. I particularly liked super baby :oD

Shocking Hocking said...

wow - no wonder you're knackered - thank gawd for sisters and husbands! what a wonderful memory for your little lad/super hero

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

awesome! i made superhero capes for our 7yo's last birthday :) about halfway through, i was wondering... what was i thinking?!?

Kathy said...

Super effort! You rock and so do your helpers. Eawr

VintageVicki said...

Wow - looks fab fun - the Birthday Boy makes a great superhero :)

Alli said...

Your party decorations look fantastic! That superhero stage thingoo is so neat! I really like your superbaby picture, too. :D Happy (belated) birthday, Lawson!