Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wow thats Amazing mummy

That is what Lawson my sometimes adorable 3 year old said to me as I took this off the sewing machine yesterday morning

He then saw the back and said 'wow love hearts, I have love hearts in my tummy' to which I told him that it was in his chest and pointed it out to him, he then put his hand to his neck and said 'im holding my love heart mummy'. Somedays I cant believe how much I utterly adore my boys somedays I want to kill them yesterday they were both adorable and cute and funny, and they let me sew.

There were 2 birthdays at crafty campers last night so I was frantically trying to finish off pressies in time. I made this wall hanging from some cotton doillies that I bought from a charity shop and I dyed them with various cold water dyes, leaving them in for different lengths of time to get varying shades.

I did an invisible binding which I think looks good on wall hangings, stops them from looking so much like a quilt. I was originally going to make this a table runner and just stitch the doillies together and not bother backing them. I then realised that table runners need quite regular washing and I dont know how colour fast my dyes will be so I thought a wall hanging would be better as it never needs to be washed hopefully!

As well as recycling the doillies I also used an old merino wool blanket instead of wadding. I often do this, whenever I find old pure wool blankets in charity shops I snap them up to use inside quilts. Lovely and snuggly and much cheaper than buying wadding (although maybe thicker than I liked for a wall hanging)

My second present was this shopper bag, I killed 2 birds with one stone as it was a WIP that I have had sat in a box for ages, I jazzed it up with a pinwheel patch pocket and fully lined it in some lovely soft deep red fabric.
( I apologise for the truely terrible photos, it was dark by the time I had finished and as they had to be given straight away I had no time to wait for light!)

I think that both pressies were well received. Now I need to get on with my bee blocks and work on some projects that are actually for me!


Katy Cameron said...

Ah, gotta love a touch of recycling, especially on the doilies, I always think little old lady when I think of them!