Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sundays Sewing Space: Where The Orchids Grow

Im so enjoying checking out everyones Sewing Spaces, its giving me some great ideas and inspiration for when I move and hopefully get my own room!

This week we have Leila from Where The Orchids Grow and her newly decorated space. Thank you so much for sharing Leila.

WARNING - This space will make you drool!

Where is your Sewing Space?
I am lucky to have a large spare bedroom downstairs next to the kitchen. It is actually the master bedroom in the house but since my boy is still little I prefer smaller sleeping quarters upstairs with him. The room was never finished, unloved and used mainly for storage.
I moved my sewing things in the room but never got round to making this a proper sewing space until recently.

What 3 words do you feel best describes it?
I only have one word - Mine

What are your most important things in there?
My sewing machine, fabric and music.

How is the room laid out?
I have a table in front of the window where I sit and sew. Next to it is a small cupboard that holds all sorts of bits and bobs. My fabrics are housed in an old bookcase that I repainted. Then there’s the ironing board and cutting table. I would like a storage unit under the cutting table to hold my fabric scraps and a shelf for more storage.

There is one big empty wall space that one day this will be my design wall. There will also be an old wooden ladder that I am going to use as a quilt display.

Do you have anything in the room for inspiration?
Yes, I always have some treasured pieces up on the walls that were given to me in bees and swaps. I keep my books in here and most importantly music. I always listen to music when I create. I am rather autistic in my music choice, meaning I’ll play three or four CD’s over and over and over again for three to four months. I sing along as well (my poor neighbours!). I’m in my Laura Marling season now ;-)

Where do you keep your fabric stash and how do you organise it?
I have a modest sized stash consisting of mostly small cuts.  I keep them in an old bookcase, it looks tidy now because I had to take a photo, normally this looks a lot messier! I pull everything off the shelves every other month or so to refold and reorganize. It never stays tidy for long.

Do you have any top tips to do with work spaces?
Get one! Claim a room in the house, take the garage, the shed or even rent a space. The only requirement is a door that closes. It is wonderful to be able to shut that door and be in your own creative space. And then shut that door again when you are done, leaving your unfinished projects on the table ready for the next time you will open that door again.
It does not have to be the large, light and airy dream space that is just picture perfect on Pinterest and will be the envy of all your sewing friends. As long as it is yours and has a door you’re good to go!

What would your ideal workspace look like?
My own room - perhaps with some improvements - is the ideal workspace for me. It may not be as beautiful and tidy as some of the other spaces I have seen but I don’t work well in beautiful and tidy. Whenever there is room for improvement (no pun intended) I feel more need to create. Creating for me equals mess, it is how I work. I can’t stop to refold the fabrics that got pushed aside once I finally dig up the one I really needed. Cleaning up can always wait!

Didnt I tell you that you would drool! Such a gorgeous space with such pretty things in it. Those mini hanging lines with pegs are such a good idea and those hoops are adorable. A blackboard door is a fabulous idea too, maybe it would keep my boys entertained so I could sew!
Thanks again Leila for showing us around, its been so much fun


pippablue said...

What a lovely space! I really need to get!

{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

Thanks for the feature!
It has been the perfect motivation to finally tackle that room ;)
x Leila

Leo said...

reading about all those lovely sewing spaces .. I want one tooooo ...

Nicky said...

Great room and how inspiring it will be!

ayumills said...

Leila's sewing space has inspired me so much! Now I really want to start working on my place so bad! said...

Inspiration plus! I have to get my space going. First thing would be to paint a chalkboard wall and have a design wall. Yes, that's what I am going to do for sure!

verykerryberry said...

Lovely clean fresh space, lots of light- very important!

MariQuilts said...

It's looking great....I love that one word response of "mine". The black board is very cool as well.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Have fun in your 'new' room!