Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On the move

Posting is likely to be very few and far between for the next few weeks. Things are go go go with our move, visas are sorted, passports in date and packing has begun. We are officially getting ready to move from England to Australia and are hoping to be off there next week.

We plan on going for a year to test out whether its right for us or not, its a big move but nothings permanent and if its not for us then we will be happy living here, so off to test the waters we go.

Things are so manic here at the moment though, I think that getting the chance to sew, let alone blog is going to be practically impossible. So dont delete me, I will be back from pastures new (hopefully with better photographs due to better light!)

I have some really interesting projects coming up. As soon as I get to Oz, the fabric will be out and I will be sewing up a storm hopefully, it just depends on how much fabric I can stuff hide fit in my suitcase once I have packed clothes, toys, books, husbands work tools!!! I dont think fabric rates highly on the rest of the families priorities for packing.

Luckily my MIL has a studio with everything I need, I will just have to wait patiently for our boxes to arrive sometime after Easter with my lovely fabric (oh how I will miss you in the meantime!)

So I will leave you with some eye candy, my newest purchase which is one of the few bundles that will definitely be coming with me. Just look at this text fabric I got from here on Etsy

Oh and im thinking ahead to the flight, does anyone know the rules on taking sewing stuff, needles, small scissors etc? I have always assumed its not allowed but I have seen people writing about stitching while on their flights so anyone know what is allowed and whats not?

I will be back for Sundays sewing space but Tutorial Tuesdays are on hold for the next couple of weeks. See you Sunday


Leo said...

What you are allowed to take with you or not depends very much on the individual person checking you. Sewing needles shouldn't be a problem, the scissors might be, you could try "baby nail scissors" they have a blunt tip and are pretty short, but they will still cut thread or a bit of fabric.
Apart from that you can put any sewing related insturment into your big luggage .. not the hand luggage.
If you want to be on the safe side contact your arline and/or the airport authorities.

Hope that helps - have a great time and Good Luck!

kelly said...

safe travels!!!

Jodi Godfrey said...

All the best! I live in Newcastle, feel free to visit if you're even in this part of the world! :)

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, that fabric pile looks yummy, happy smuggling! As for planes, check out the UK government guidance (can't remember the site, but google for hand luggage allowed or something like that) Scissors under a certain length (I think 3") are allowed, but it depends on the airline and they suggest checking with them, but to print out their advice and take it with you. Not sure how successful that would be, but give it a shot!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Love those text fabrics! As an Aussie, I have to ask - where in Australia are you moving to? Good luck with it all!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Good luck with your move!!! Can't wait to see your first post from Australia.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Definitely check with the airport, we had blunt baby knives, you know, the ones that look like knives, but are more like tiny spatulas taken off us before we went to NZ last time, despite me proving they could do no harm!

Love the fabric - hapy to 'look after' anything you can't squeeze in!

Katie said...

I have traveled with stork embroidery scissors without a problem, but I always put them in the tray so they see them right away. In the past, way closer to the beginning of the airline safety changes, I used to carry nail clippers for snipping threads. I've never had an issue with sewing needles. I would check with your specific airline to see what their allowances are. It might be rule for within the UK but another rule for travelling out of country.
Safe journey :-)

pippablue said...

How exciting! have a safe trip and we'll all be here when you're settled in!

Anonymous said...

My one tip is not airplane related but SSOOOOO important. Bring as much fabric as is humanly possible by whatever method as it is darn expensive over here!! Especially on my side (Western Australia) thank god for etsy and international postage. Hope you like it here , the weather more than makes up for it!

Katie said...

I haven't flown in a few years and that was domestically in the US. The "excellent" security check didn't turn up the Swiss army knife that my traveling companion forgot was in his luggage, so I think it may depend on who is checking. I have heard that some of the restrictions have lessened a bit so it is worth checking the airline's policies.

Good luck with the move! I cannot imagine moving that kind of distance and how much it takes to prepare for it.

Jules said...

i had tweezers confiscated so id be careful if i was you, you dont get it back :(
Where are you moving to?? i am so jealous, my husband and i are planning on moving back to my home, Oz in the next couple of years. i grew up in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney so i love it all. we are in upstate NY now so i miss the beaches.
best of luck to you and your family! safe travels.

Susan said...

Small blunt scissors (under 4 inches long) are allowed, at least in the US. I used to fly all the time with sewing stuff, needles thread my tiny scossors. Did a lot of hand piecing & hand quilting on the road. Anything you are not sure of pack in a bag that will be checked. Good luck in your move!