Friday, February 17, 2012

Sofias' baby quilt

I whipped up half of this baby quilt the other day, and as Buddy is having his lunchtime nap at the moment I thought I would quickly finish up the top.

A very easy, simple one made of 5" squares, but oh so pretty for a new baby girl.

My friend is having her second baby any day now and they know its a girl and they are calling her Sofia, so a pretty baby quilt for a baby girl with a very pretty name.

The sky is grey here, but this does prove that the sun is actually out

Now while Buddy is still asleep maybe I can get my 4x5 bee blocks done! off to sew, bye


Katy Cameron said...

Pretty, especially with the sun shining though. Sun, I vaguely remember that...

Annabella said...

If I had had a girl, I wanted to call her Sophia - my favourite girl`s name. Gorgeous quilt Lotti and perfect for a baby girl.

Leo said...

That's a really nice quilt for a baby girl ... and easy and simple is beautiful!