Monday, September 17, 2012

Turn down the volume

We have plans to decorate our house but are rubbish at putting those plans into action. Our bedroom needs repainting and new curtains and bed linen and a complete make over really. It's going to be ages before we do it but I know how I want it.
It's quite dark so it needs light walls and with this in mind I'm going to keep the whole room neutral and low volume!
So I've gone ahead and picked some fabrics for a quilt (I can't be bothered to paint so I'll make a quilt instead!)

I've even designed a pattern for the fabrics, decided on size and everything

This was the start of drafting the pattern, and this is how it's ended up

You can see my foot in there to give a better idea of size!
Now that I've got this far I've put it to one side while I try to sew some of the more important things on my list. But I'm super excited about this, although I should quilt the 5 quilt tips I've got before starting another quilt! Oh well