Saturday, September 15, 2012

Snazzy Stationery

I don't know about you but I love stationery, I'm such a sucker for a pretty notepad!
The other day on Instagram I saw a gorgeous notepad that Amanda from heyporkchop had jazzed up with some fabric (to be fair everything that girl does is gorgeous!).
I've got a possible up coming project in mind and decided it would need its own notebook. So with that in mind and with one plain boring notepad I thought I'd get to work giving it a funky make over

A bit of improv and a bit of embroidery later I have a new notebook

It really was simple, I made it like a slip cover then sewed it up as close to the notebook spine as I could get (I used the hand wheel instead of the foot peddle though as the cover was so thick I thought my needle would struggle)


Diane said...

BTW,the correct spelling is "stationery"!

Katy Cameron said...

Great idea. I'm forever picking up notebooks to decorate and then not getting round to it o.O I've got one to take to SS though that I'm determined to decorate and bring to be a mini scrapbook as I go