Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cute ends

I've been making zipper pouches. I've got absolutely loads that I need to be doing but Lawson has been pestering me for a purse to keep his money (and whatever he has his brother wants too!) so I quickly whipped them up a boy purse each

They have tiny little zips but luckily they only have tiny little hands to fit in them!
One of my fav parts of zipper pouches is choosing cute fabric for the zipper ends

I also quickly knocked this up for a blogging friend as a little thank you, hope she likes it

All in all quite a productive day, maybe if I set up some sort of production line system I could knock them out a bit faster though


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte,
I am your blog's new follower from India. :)
Those zipper ends look so cute.
I have made two zippered pouches, but never tried adding cute zipper ends to them.
Can you please teach me how to do them?

VintageVicki said...

So sweet :) Lovely when all they want is a purse for their coins - current wishlists from giant teens include netbooks and mopeds!!

Katy Cameron said...

Very cute, I never think ahead and try anything like that!

Sarah said...

Lovely, those zipper ends are especially fab!