Saturday, August 13, 2011

G'Day from Oz

G'day Mate, sorry about the lack of posting, I've been without the internet since we got to Australia. Now arrived at my Brother In Laws and can finally jump online. Having a blast here at the moment, became an Auntie yesterday (for the second time) as the brother in law and his lovely wife had baby Riley (I would say little but he definitely wasn't at 9lb 15oz!!! He is gorgeous

By the way there are no photos of anything fabric related in this post so feel free to tune out now if you so wish, check back for the next post as there should be some there instead.

Have been being tourists since we got here, been checking out as much of the native wildlife as possible as Boo has become obsessed with seeing the kangeroos and we have seen plenty (including some with Joeys)! We have also seen koalas and emus with babys, all in the wild. We also went to a fabulous zoo (I'm normally not into zoos as I don't like animals trapped in small spaces) that had loads of native animals and the boys loved it. Buddy is 10 months now but he is so excited when he sees animals of any sort, he squeals and bounces and crawls at them. Boo was overjoyed at the Cockatoos that we found that talked to him!

We also went to my husbands old camping haunt - Rocklands, isn't it beautiful?

I could see us doing lots of camping if we lived here

So we are now in Melbourne, hanging out with family. Me and my Mother in law are planning a big trip to spotlight (woohoo) so hopefully will be back here with some yummy fabric photos later. I have managed to do a bit of sewing while i've been here, will show you some photos of one project in the next post

Also I'm well aware that im now so behind in the 30 day photo challenge. I will sort it out and upload my photos later today