Thursday, August 25, 2011

Foundation Piecing

I seem to be so drawn to foundation piecing at the moment, there are some brilliant examples about:

This is by Kirie at Shapemoth, isn't it fun, she has a giveaway for the pattern and some fabric over on her blog at the moment, you really should check it out

Ive also just been given these books by my Mother in Law, cant wait to take some ideas from them

These pictures are taken from Quilts to Make for Children

Im especially loving the Toucan and the Puffin

I'm also thinking of having the theme classic boys toys for my month of the 'Sew Bee Joyful' bee, I think this theme would be wonderful with foundation piecing, these are some of the pictures i'm providing for inspiration for the other bee members.
retro toy racing carsVintage toy rocket

Great robot1950's building blocks
Some of these would be great for foundation piecing, I cant wait for my month of the bee to see what the girls all do. Im going to tell them im open to them doing them either by foundation piecing or by applique. You can check out more on my Pinterest board

I really do seem to be addicted to Pinterest at the moment, its great fun, Im currently in the process of transfering all of the blog posts that ive starred because of the pictures over to my pinterest account to make everything so much easier to find. Click the link at the top to see all of my Pinterest boards.


Katy Cameron said...

Oh I'm totally addicted to pinning too. Alas, I discovered recently that if you pin a photo from a main blog page rather than the particular topic (eg this post topic would be foundation piecing) then you will need to go back and fix it - argh! Think that'll be a rainy bank holiday Monday occupation...

Alli said...

I'm excited to try foundation piecing! I recently decided that my sewing machine needle is dull enough to reserve it for sewing paper, so I'm ready. :D

Al said...

Oh man..I want to make that block now.

I'm super excited for your month of the bee! I think it's gonna be challenging for me so that's good.