Thursday, July 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday (no.7)

I have signed up for a Pay It Forward over on Carolines blog. Karen has originally set this up. So in the next 365 days I should receive a lovely hand made goody through the post. It means that I will pay it forward and in the next 365 days I will send out a hand made goody to the first 3 people that put the word balloon in their comments (so I don't accidently involve anyone that doesn't want to join in). In return you have to pledge to send 3 people a delightful handmade goody and blog about it

This week I have achieved the following:

Completed my central log cabin for my learn a basic quilt quilt-a-long

Made my block for this weeks Skill builder quilt-a-long

Made some bunting for someone at work (sorry no picture of the finished item)

Things I need to finish:

This reversible dress for a little friend of ours (need to put buttonholes in and buttons on)

My Roman blinds (it's getting ridiculous how long they have been sitting around for nearly finished) I have bought new pompoms though, instead of having red pompoms on all 4, I'm going to have 1 with red, 1 with pink, 1 with turquoise and 1 with orange so they match the cords I have. Still need to find some orange pompoms though

Things I need to get off my backside and work harder on:

My Farmers Wife blocks - I got one done this week but I don't know why but they seem to be the last thing on my list to do, I really enjoy doing them so why aren't I getting them done???? - Must try harder! I'm going to try to coerce the husband into taking the boys out Sunday arvo and spend the time purely on those lovely little blocks.

My Naked bed quilt - it's just sitting there taunting me. The husband keeps reminding me that we need a quilt for our bed asap as we are currently sleeping under a winter thickness duvet and it's too hot - must get a move on!

Things I need to start:

A lovely little summer embroidery I've got in my mind that I want to make for a friends birthday, I'm thinking flowers and a camping scene

Matching bed linen and pj's for Boo and Buddy - some gorgeous fabric arrived through the door this week for this project but I will post about that tomorrow

A pair of skull quilts for Boo and Buddy

So to round up:

Quilts finished - none
Projects finished - bunting, embroidered childs pinnyQuilts waiting to be bound - none
Quilt tops finished - none
Projects started - pompom roman blinds, stag cross stitch, reversible childs dress
Quilt started - Naked bed quilt, Farmers wife quilt, Skill builder quilt, basic quilt quilt-a-long
Projects to start - too many to even think about! Pj's and bed linen for the boys amongst others
Quilts to start - rainbow quilt, bob the builder, babushka, noahs ark, pair of skull quilts

12 quilts of 2011 completed - 1) Krissy's quilt
                                            2) Buddy's ABC quilt
                                            3) Cravat play mat/quilt
                                            4) Crocodile quilt
                                            5) Elsie's embroidered quilt

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Cindy said...

Your blocks for the Skill Builder QAL are really pretty! I love the deep grey with the berry and white. They nicely set one another off. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Good luck on finishing those blinds up. Like the colors you are using for pom poms (or cords, not sure what is pictured). I love the colors for your skill builder blocks. And that pink fabric for the bunting is delicous! Visiting from WIP.
~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

lesleyworth said...

Love your FWQAL blocks! and your skill builders and log cabin block are GORGEOUS!

Angela {fussycut} said...

Those fw blocks are gorgeous!!

Ella said...

Love the colors in the FWQAL. I've only managed to get one block done. I think it's the templates holding me back. That and all the other shiny things.

The Demanding Doll said...

Whoa! You got a lot done. I see you are a fellow red person. Nice FWQAL blocks and I like your red, black skill builder blocks too.

Melinda said...

I love your FW and Skill Builder blocks! The color combinations are great!

mammafairy said...

What a lovely idea! Love your quilt colours too. I am born nosy!

Leanne said...

Your FW blocks are wonderful, as are the skill builder blocks. And that is a lovely rainbow log cabin!

Anonymous said...

Love your skill builder blocks! Great job.

Barbara said...

I love the FW blocks, gorgeous. I love that you're only using three solids for your Skill Builder blocks and they totally work (and stand out in the Flikr group). I'd be willing to do the pay-it-forward if you can do out of the country.