Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slack, slack, slack

Well things have been pretty slack round here as i'm sure you have noticed, both on the blogging front and on the sewing front! Summer holidays started last weekend and i've been hanging out with my beautiful little boys and attempting to tidy/sort out our house which forever looks like a building site.

I'm now behind on not only the Farmers Wife blocks (ive been behind from the start and keep meaning to catch up!!!) but on the Skill builder blocks too! I must must must do some sewing this week.

After seeing a post on Eleni's blog I'm joining in on the 30 day challenge

This is being hosted by Sherry of Oh so Lovely. I cant wait (although not that excited about having to post a self portrait, I'm not exactly what you would describe as photogenic!)

Any way, family bbq this arvo so probably not much sewing again (have to make the most of the sunshine while it's here, it's few and far between at the mo)