Sunday, July 10, 2011

A class and a pile of fabrics

Oh I had so much fun this morning. I took a free motion quilting class at my LQS Quilters Haven. The class was taught by Philippa Naylor, a really talented Quilter who has won a whole host of awards for her FMQing. It was just a morning class (I would have loved to stay for a full day but Buddy needs me - still feeding him myself!) but oh how I loved it.

This was also my first experience of using verigated thread and I think im addicted, I love love love it.
So now I just want to practice, practice, practice, especially by trying out some different designs. I have been following Leah and her Free Motion Quilting Project for a while (her designs are fantastic), so now I think I have the confidence to actually try some of them out.

Philippa was lovely, and such a good teacher, she even signed a copy of her book that I bought
You should definitely check out her work, it is really amazing. Great book too

Thought I should also show you the fabrics that I have bought in the last couple of weeks (very naughty but I couldn't resist!

Firstly my lovely Monaluna fabric, aren't these prints scrummy? And they are organic!
I first saw this range when Megan posted about it on Quiltstory, she was asking what she should make with hers. I suggested pyjamas and bed linen for her boys and then realised that I wanted to use these fabrics to make them for my two boys.
A few days after mine arrived I noticed that Cindy had got some too, I think this fabric is going to be pretty popular, can't wait to see what Cindy does with hers.
Also bought:
 Spots for my stash
 These gorgeous geese - i'm thinking baby quilts
 A panel of this lovely Marimekko fabric (bought from ebay)
 Then I got all of these in the remnant basket at Runaway Coast (sorry about the creases, I haven't ironed them)
 Lovely wide stripes
 Twisted Rope
White Waffle
 Large Seashells

And finally I got these lovely snuggly flannelettes to make a Retro 70's inspired baby quilt for the pram. Think I will practice my FMQing on this one
Hopefully might have something to show you with these on Monday


Katy said...

I adore the Monaluna fabric it is so pretty :)

caroline said...

Loving those monaluna prints they are scrummy.

P's Qs said...

I love the fmq in the variegated thread! So pretty. Thanks for mentioning Phillipa Naylor. I love new ideas on FMQ, I follow Leah Day as well.

Cindy said...

I so wish I could take a FMQ class like you. What a great way to learn! You're off to a great start :)

I don't have a plan for my monaluna yet, but I am nearly tempted to go back for the bear and birds before starting anything! They're adorable :)

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Wonderful FMQ and it looks great in that variegated thread!