Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Stupid can I be???

About 2 years ago my MacBook did something random and lost all my photos! Baby photos of Lawson, wedding photos and all sorts of randoms, the whole lot was gone! Thankfully after lots of playing around (and lots of tears!) I recovered them.
Nothing was backed up and we decided we needed an external hard drive to back up onto. I looked around and found a few but didn't know how big to go, how much to spend etc. every so often I thought to myself I must buy one, but did I get round to it? No I did not

And now its happened again but this time it's baby photos of both my boys and my sisters wedding (I'm the only one with photos of that!) and it's looking like they are irretrievably gone!!!

Stupid stupid stupid me! So the moral of the story is just blooming well do it if its something important

My mac is still in the computer shop, I'm still crossing my fingers but not having a laptop at the mo is meaning I'm posting from my phone so may not be as frequent!


Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Oh no!! How very upsetting!!

I had a similar thing happen and got an external hard drive - problem is remembering to transfer the photos to it on a regular basis!

I hope your photos can be retrieved!!

kelly said...

crossing fingers and saying prayers that they can be retrieved.

Cindy Sharp said...

Oh noooo.

Sarah said...

Oh I'm so sorry, you must be gutted, I'm sure I would be. I'm not so clever on the back up either. I have started buying memory sticks and just emptying my photos on to them every now and again. Which is fine until I lose the sticky thing.... lol

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

When my MacBook hard drive cable burnt out in the summer I was mortified, but all was well because it was just a 'connection', and although I do back my stuff up infrequently, I did put all our wedding photos on flickr (private setting) in case the house burnt down!

Hope all comes back - worth running recovery software on your camera - now I know how they catch criminals - even free software brings back pictures you thought you had long deleted!

lynsey said...

Oh no Charlotte, I do hope you recover them all xx