Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Do First - April

Can you believe it's April? I can't!

Ok so March did not go well in terms of sewing for me, in fact there is no point even doing a mosaic as all I got done were a few bee blocks, I didn't even manage to get all my bee blocks done!

here they are though:
Block for Piece Bee With You (not quite finished, needs eyes, mouth and whiskers!) and I still have not done Febs block!

 Sew Bee Joyful Feb block

 Sew Bee Joyful March blocks

And I did manage to make this London mini quilt for myself at the start of the month before I left England

Ok so I didn't manage to get everything done this month, but I did move, quite a long way! so Im forgiving myself. Also my To Do list for this month is going to be a small one because I know that until we have our own place I wont get much done :-(

To Do April -
Must Do:

Bee Blocks
Piece Bee With You - Do Febuarys block - Tropical Fish, I have started but may have to scrap and start again!
March's block - finish cat by embroidering on the details
Aprils block - not sure what this one is yet

Sew Bee Joyful - Aprils block - tea related blocks, this is going to be fun, I love tea (cant drink it in Australia though as the water tastes so different here, im really missing a good cuppa!)

Might Do:
Commissioned baby quilt - I have started this, its going to be pretty cool (loads of hst's and some surprising details!) definitely not your typical baby quilt. Its not needed until I go back to England in November though so there is no rush

My quilt - Another hst quilt, I have bought the fabric and started cutting and sewing but as its for me then there is no rush

Ok so what about you, have you written a to do list? are you hoping to be more productive than I am? Link em up and let me know


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Hope you didn't spend the whole day at the beach!

Katie said...

I am not a cat person, but I do love your cat block. It will look so amazing with the details put in as well.

I always hope to get more done than I do. I'm amazed you did what you did considering your move. That is a good excuse for not tackling your list for sure. :)

Beth said...

Wow - I love your March blocks - the colors, pattern - the pic - so cute! And all I can say about the London mini is Wow! Just stopping by your blog while browsing the blogs linked on Lily's Quilts. Now, I'll have to write up my April to do list to link on yours!

Kelsey said...

Such great bee blocks!! They look great!

Leo said...

maybe I should not always try to avoid my toes or shoes when I take pictures, it's quite interessting what you get to see, and that red is just great!

Unknown said...

Is there a source for the cat pattern?