Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Woo hoo, our Christmas has been wonderful, how about yours?

The stockings were hung, unfortunately they were not finished as I ran out of time, oh well they were useable and they will be done for next year, Father Christmas found them and filled them with pressies so thats all that matters. 3 were nearly finished, quilted and front and backs sewn together but not lined!
 As the only girl in the household I decided that mine needed to be pretty, so it has a little embroidery

 And we all needed names so Father Christmas knew whos went where!
 Unfortunately hubbys did not get finished and he ended up with a pillow case, can you tell why it didn't get done?
 Whoops! didn't think that one through properly did I, oh well he didn't mind
I will be doing a tutorial for these sometime in the new year, i'm aiming for one Christmas thing done every month of 2012 so maybe the tutorial will be done in January and I can make sure they are all finished!

We have had the best Christmas ever, filled with fun, family and laughter. Having a 1 year old and a nearly 3 year old in the house certainly make a difference to our day. We bought all the men and boys nerf guns and the boys also got given potato guns and we ended up having a massive fight, so much fun, even my mother got involved. Then there was the games, wine and butterbeer! definitely a Christmas we will not forget. Hope you all have had a wonderful day, enjoy the rest of your day.



kelly said...

very very cute! merry christmas, charlotte!!

Shari said...

Love the stockings! Especially the sweet embroidery on yours! Sounds like a fantastic day! Hope your new year has many happy days too!

Elisa Black said...

Glad you had a very nice Christmas! Your stockings are wonderful-- I esp love the fussy cuts and the embroidery detail. That's a great idea to do one Christmas tutorial a month-- smart thinking! Our kids had lots of fun with their new toys-- my 4 yr old son received his 1st gun (with foam bullets)-- but the big hit for the whole family was the racing track for the Hot Wheels cars. Lots of fun!