Saturday, December 31, 2011

In Honour of Emily

A while age I signed up to make a string block or two for Val over at Pink Please, she is making a quilt to auction off to raise money for cancer, you can read all about it here. Anyway as soon as Kelly facebooked me about it I knew I wanted to be involved , I think that cancer unfortunately affects most of us at some point one way or another and anything we can do to help is important.

40 people all making at least 1 block, it's looking pretty cool so far I must say.

I have made my blocks in honour of Emily, my cousins wife. Emily is a sweet and lovely woman, she is 30 and got married in July of this year. Sadly Emily lost her mother to cancer as a young teenager and has now been fighting this awful disease herself for many years.

Now im a sucker for a good wedding and im a cry baby anyway but their wedding was wonderful and so filled with emotion, I had a fabulous time but oh did I cry. It makes me well up just thinking about it, there were so many references to Emilys mother throughout the day, she may not have been there but her memory certainly was.

Anyway these are the blocks I made, made using this tutorial.

I love them and they were so fun to make, I think I want to do a whole string quilt myself now using reds, blues and yellows.

I also decided to do a little something extra so I made this block using a pattern from this website

A little research showed me that Lavender Ribbons symbolise cancer in general, maybe this may come in handy for the back of the quilt.

Hopefully they won't take too long to get to Val, normally it should take a week UK to USA but at this time of year who knows! Lets hope this quilt raises a lot of money, every little bit can make a difference.

Keep an eye out for my checkerboard block tutorial that I have coming up later.


~ Val @ PinkPlease! ~ said...

Scream!!!!!! I love them, Charlotte!!! I can not wait to receive them. Your story is beautiful and the lavendar purple ribbon for the back couldn't be more perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will let you know when they arrive!

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

lovely! i love these types of quilts.

Katy Cameron said...

Love those strings, great choice of fabrics