Thursday, May 5, 2011

Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday

I've decided to join up to Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday run by Lee over at Freshly Pieced, hopefully this will spur me on to get more projects done (fingers crossed).

Also I decided earlier in the year that I would challenge myself to make and complete 12 quilts in 2011. Now I'm not going to make this too hard on myself by setting any rules so they can be any size, however seeing as I have boys rather than girls, I have no need for dolls quilts so they are not going to be too small.
So far I have only completed Krissy's quilt which you can see in yesterdays post, however I do have 3 currently on the go, in various stages:

Buddy's ABC quilt

The Crocodile Quilt

And a playmat/quilt made from scraps left over from a cravat making factory (this quilt has currently gone AWOL, i'm sure I will find it soon).

Today I have joined up for The Naked Quilt Challenge over on Sarah Fielke's blog The Last Piece, so with that in mind I headed out to my local quilting shop (Quilters Haven) to get some fabric. 

Here is the mood board that I had in mind in order to cloth my super king bed

A duvet cover I made for our bed with a gorgeous hot pink picture frame and a mirror that I received from Father Christmas.

And these are the fabrics that I bought today from Quilters Haven
I'm especially loving the top fabric, I only got 25cm of each as I think i'm going to use a lot of white in this quilt, but I think I may have to go back and buy a bit more of that pink animal type print.

Ok so I'm going to break this down into the following areas:
Quilts finished - none
Projects finished - none
Quilts waiting to be bound - Buddy's ABC
Quilt tops finished - none
Projects started - pompom roman blinds
Quilt started - cravat quilt, crocodile quilt
Projects to start - too many to even think about!
Quilts to start - Naked bed quilt, rainbow quilt, bob the builder, babushka, noahs ark

12 quilts of 2011 completed - 1) Krissy's quilt

Hopefully will have 2 more completed quilts by next Wednesday