Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starting Up

Ok, here goes, I've tried this once before and not do at all well at keeping it up, so I have decided to have a fresh start and see how this goes. My aim is to post at least twice a week, I want to use my blog as a diary/reminder/journal of projects that I have designed and made. Hopefully I will pick up some readers along the way that like what I am doing.

Personally I am completely addicted to blogs, especially quilting blogs, my current favourites are:
Sorry for the long list but they are all well worth checking out, I'm subscribing to them all. It's lovely to see what other people are doing and it keeps me motivated to keep designing, sewing and making things that I love.

So I will start by giving you an idea of the sorts of things that I make, please excuse the photos, I have taken them on my iphone so they are not the best!

Owl cushions for little peoples birthday pressies

Felt Christmas stockings for my little monkeys

VW Campervan Doorstop for a friend at our local Wednesday night Craft group

Krissy's Quilt, a shabby chic quilt for a good friends 30th

A bright super king duvet cover for my lovely boys to snuggle under

A kings outfit for the christmas 2010 nativity we attended at Rainbow tots
(Isn't he adorable)

A sleeping-bag quilt for our newest arrival
(he is super cute too)

Once again I apologise for the quality of the photographs.

So you can see i've had a wide range of projects going on recently, but making modern quilts is my passion. I will have my current projects to post about soon (hopefully tomorrow, i'm hoping to join Lee at Freshly Pieced for her  Work in Progress WIP Wednesday)


lynsey said...

Hello hello, lovely to read your blog, i'm the same as you, i'm a blog collector as well. When i first started my blog, i used to post about 3 times a week, but that was hard to maintain, so i now aim for once a week, although sometimes that doesn't happen he he, hope you all well any way, loving all your projects so far they look fab xx

Charlotte said...

Wow you really are a blog collector Lynsey! Great to hear from you and to check out the work you are doing at the moment, looks like you are very busy. It's been ages since I did any jewellery making, your work looks so intricate, really amazing x