Thursday, June 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday (no.5)

I'm feeling so excited about so many projects at the moment but am struggling to fit everything in, especially now I've gone back to work.

I have officially started my Farmers Wife quilt. For anyone that doesn't know it is a massive quilt-a-long being held by Angela and  Amanda. These are the fabrics I've chosen so far

Need to order some darker greys to mix in, I think I'm going to go with some Kona solids
This is my first block
It's number 4 - Basket Weave

This is my second block
Number 2 - Autumn Tints

My printer is not working at the moment so I'm doing the math rather than printing out the templates.

Check out Flickr to see what the others are doing, I think there are now over 300 members on there that are joining in!

I have also come up with this design for my craft group quilt-a-long
It's 42 inches square, involves a giant log cabin, some 9 patches and some pinwheels so it will teach a few of the basics.

If anyone wants to join in then I'm recommending the following quantities of fabrics:

  • 25 cm each of 6 dark tone on tone fabrics all in a similar colour
  • 15 cm each of 6 light tone on tone fabrics, again all in a similar colour
  • 2 m of a plain, light colour such as cream or white.
You will also need 50 cm of a fabric for binding and you will need some batting but these will be discussed at a later date.

I am starting it with the girls at craft on the 29th June so it should appear on here soon after that. It is a quilt to learn some basics so feel free to join in, especially if you have never quilted before, you may find you really like it.

Feel free to ask any fabric questions if you want to join in but are unsure what sort of thing to buy.

Not much other sewing is happening around here, i need more hours in the day, or should I say more hours that the boys sleep, that would be lovely!

I did take this lovely photo of Buddy today
He had his second swimming lesson and is absolutely loving it, he spends the whole time yelling with excitement, it makes my heart happy.

This is my weekly round up:

Quilts finished - None
Projects finished - Russian doll needle book
Quilts waiting to be bound - none
Quilt tops finished - none
Projects started - pompom roman blinds, stag cross stitch,
Quilt started - Naked bed quilt, Farmers wife quilt
Projects to start - too many to even think about!
Quilts to start - Basic quilt-a-long quilt, rainbow quilt, bob the builder, babushka, noahs ark, pair of skull quilts

12 quilts of 2011 completed - 1) Krissy's quilt
                                            2) Buddy's ABC quilt
                                            3) Cravat play mat/quilt
                                            4) Crocodile quilt

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced, check out the fab things the others are doing


Leanne said...

Your blocks are lovely, love those colours.

BijouxBaby said...

I love the grey and pink! Grey and yellow is my current color combination obsession. I've made two projects recently with this combination. It's handy that I like to do multiple projects with the same fabrics because I usually work improvisationally so I have no idea how much of anything I'll need, so I just buy a bunch and figure it will work out in the end.